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Benefits of using video to promote your business - Tips from a Video Expert

It’s the year of video – according to and I agree. Video is becoming more and more popular in marketing plans, for websites and social media. I heard a quote once, which is quite inspiring, ‘If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the power of video can be limitless’.

Here are 5 benefits of using video to promote your business

  1. 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video – from Have you noticed when you’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, you stop and watch almost every video you come across without even realising. It’s because it’s the most engaging type of media. This is exactly why businesses should use video to promote their services, because people will watch!
  2. Using Testimonial Videos to give your audience quality assurance. Testimonials are very important to businesses as it gives potential customers and clients a little insight into how others see your work. As technology is evolving and videos are everywhere, people would rather watch a testimonial than read one.
  3. Easy to share – How many videos on YouTube have you shared to your friends? Have you even thought about how easy it is to copy and paste a link and there you go, in seconds other people are watching it. That’s one of the best things about videos. If you create a video showcasing a product and you share it across your social media accounts, your clients and friends will share the video, which then allows more and more people see what you’ve created. You never know, your video could end up going viral!
  4. Using quality imagery to showcase your product - Why take images and videos on your phone when you could invest in someone to take professional videos for you to show off your product. How it’s used, how it looks in real life situations and so much more. Using video is a great way to make your product look great from all angles.
  5. Finally, the limitless use – Once your video has been created, you have the limitless use of it. You could:
    • Cut it into shorter videos for social media
    • Do an email about it
    • Share it on Google+
    • Put it on your website
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