Wednesday, 25 October 2017 11:53

Dugdale PVC: Case Study

Making the decision to use video to promote your company is the easy bit. What’s not so easy for people is appearing in the video and living with the final cut. This was certainly the case for our clients’ Dugdale PVC who’d had a bad experience with a previous video company and were reticent about doing another.

They wanted to tell their customers about recent changes to the company including how they use innovation to develop new products for their clients so they can work in genuine collaboration with them, so we started in their lab.

They’ve made a lot of investment into the company and new kit and wanted to show this off, as well as their environmental policies. Most of all they felt strongly that they should feature their workforce, and their skills; all of which had to be carefully filmed to protect their unique techniques.

A major issue for all of them was appearing on camera, so our team took their time to put them at their ease and allay their fears.

The result was “so much better than we expected”, and they’re planning on making many more videos with Leagus.

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